About Us

Soft Materials Co., Ltd. is the only company in Korea developing and manufacturing advanced materials with highly added value by using electron beam.
The hydrogel product we're producing doesn't have any preservative added and is a bio platform material available for medical devices
and cosmetic products in the industrial fields.

Business Area

Medical Devices

Contact Lens  /  Wearable ECG  /   Burn Dressing  /
Wound Dressing  /   Cooling Patch


Eye Patch  /  Lifting Band  /  Functional Patch
Mask Pack  /  Body Patch

What is Hydrogel ?

A material forming a three-dimensional structure by a physical (hydrogen bond, van der Waals force, hydrophobic interaction, polymer bond)
or chemical (a covalent bond) crosslink with water-soluble polymers.

PR Catalogue

Our company will do our best to lead the world market as a company with the best technology to develop and produce new materials.