Hydrogel sheet realized by light

Sterilized Hydrogel sheet
High transmittance over 90% for skin laser therapy range

Transparent Gel Sheet
・ Multi-purpose hydrogel (during therapy and after)
・ Chemical free, preservative free, sterilized hydrogel
・ Assist for reducing skin irritation, redness
・ Application for sensitive skin

Ingredients of Pure BIM Hydrating Gel

Base Polymers (PVP)

Hygroscopic, soluble in water and alcohol
Used to detoxify and alleviate irritation

Functional Polymers (K-carrageenan)

Polysaccharide natural polymer comprising galactose
Increased gelling ability Increased resilience,
transparency and moisture holding ability
Electronic Beam
Hydrogel Patch

Physical Features

Gel hardness, degree of swelling & gelling rate

Biological Features

Sterilizing, detoxifying, would treatment.

Transmittance Test

The products of Softmaterials demonstrated superior transmittance of over 90% in the entire wavelength range of the laser used.
Laser Wavelength(nm) Treatment Target
Argon 488 – 514
Fd Nd:YAG 532 Vascular disorder
Dye 560 - 630 Vascular disorder, cancer care
He-Ne 632 Skin regeneration
Diode 635 Skin regeneration
Rudy 694 Hair removal
Alexandrite 755 Hair removal
Diode 800 Hair removal
Nd:YAG 1,064 Pigment legion, Tattoo
He:YAG 2,140
Er:YAG 2,900 Skin regeneration
CO2 10,600 Skin regeneration, spot clearance
Wavelength range measurable by UV-vis