What is Hydrogel?

・ A material forming a three dimensional structure by a physical (hydrogen bond, van der Waals force, hydrophobic interaction, polymer bond) or chemical (a covalent bond) crosslink with water-soluble polymers.
・ The Hydrogel is a material proper for a living body as it has a structuer similar to extracellular matrix.

Effectiveness of Hydrogel

Offering a sense of cooling
to the skin by absorbing heat

Alleviation of Pains

Alleviating pains of the skin by separating of the damaged injuries from outside

Protection of Injuries

Protection from external contamination
(germs, dust) etc. by a sterilized barrier

Skin Regeneration

Maintaining the wet environment through supplying moisture
to the injuries by the Hydrogel Dressing

Regenerating the skin by maintaining a proper release amount of
an exudation through the moist environment of the injuries